Who is Certek?

Certek™ Heat Machine has branches in Alaska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, British Columbia and Alberta . With over 15 years of experience in the portable heating business, our skilled technicians and engineers are leaders in their field. Certek™ Heat Machine has become the leader in innovative alternatives to conventional heating methods used in today’s most common industries. Construction heat has become safer and far more efficient while significantly lowering operating and insurance costs for the companies we work with. Oilfield heating has been made very safe and reliable for the personnel involved in high combustion areas.


Mobile Heating


A self contained mobile heating unit designed to be mobilized quickly for a variety of applications requiring heat. Reliable for large or small amounts of heating. Certek’s hydronic heating technologies incorporate the industries most efficient and safe platform for mobile heating. Don’t let old man winter stop your completions and drilling operations by finding out what we can do to help.


From upright tanks to modular frac tanks, from flock tanks to frac iron, Certek has your completions site heating covered. Freeze prevention, frac fluid heating, space heating and other essential heating requirements to keep your entire operation from costly downtime due to freezing temperatures.

Frac Fluid Heating


Keep your frac fluids ready to go with with our consistent temperature control. Using our variable flow heat on the go system and you can specify what temperature you need and we’ll get it done right the first time. Additionally, we maintain the temperature within a predetermined amount for as long as required. Ideal for heating modular frac tanks, above ground storage tanks, uprights and large reservoirs.


CERTEK Heat Machines offers a complete heating solution for drilling rigs of all sizes. Our standard installation will heat an entire rig with one, and ONLY one unit. This solution includes the heating of the Tank Farm, the Cement Tanks, the Gas Buster, the Buoy Line, the Choke Lines, the Injection Tank, and the Flock Tank.

Natural Gas


Significantly reduce fuels costs by using natural gas instead of propane and diesel. With the increase in the use and production of compressed liquid natural gas, accessibility to this inexpensive fuel make economic sense.


Wintertime freezing is not only exasperating, but can cost operators thousands of dollars in downtime, delays, and even equipment damage.

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