Hot Oilers

For those of us who have wondered why there isn’t a cheaper, less-dangerous method to hot oil your site …

With our isolated heat exchangers, your fluids won’t ever come into direct contact with the boiler – and that means a huge increase in safety!

Features and Benefits

  • Safe Operation
    Unit is open to atmosphere so we run at zero pressure. We keep the flames away from the flammable fluids.
  • Cost Savings
    Our pricing is better than any we have heard of. We also get the job done in far less time than the competition.
  • Low Fuel Usage
    We burn less fuel than any hot oiler for the same job. We can run off of Diesel, Propane or Natural Gas, with the flick of a switch.
  • State-of-the-Art
    Our heat source is contained. This is not like a BBQ like most hot oilers. Fully satellite monitored.
  • Don’t Pull Rods
    Use the pump-jack as a pump to heat any wax from the casing and tubing to increase production without pulling the rods.