Steam Machine

The Certek Steam Machine is a revolutionary ZERO-PRESSURE, vacuum-driven steam system, that does not require a boiler-hand to operate. “Modern” Steam boiler “technology” is nearly identical to what our great great great grandparents pioneered and patented back in 1830. Certek is fundamentally changing how steam generation works with our revolutionary (patent pending) technology. Instant, Dry, Safe and Cheap, you’ve never seen steam like it!

Advantages of using Certek

The Steam Machine ties directly into the Certek Heat Machines glycol heating units. The Steam Machine is intended to compliment other on-site glycol heat.

The Certek Steam Machine will produce hot and DRY steam within seconds of being turned on. This means that the unit only has to operate when steam is required, allowing the unit to be put on standby. This saves you time and fuel and requires no licensed operator.

Because the Certek Steam Machine has no pressure vessels or super heated water, there is no requirement for licensed operators. This make the unit inherently more safe, and much less expensive to operate.

Due to it’s small footprint the Steam Machine can be located just about anywhere on the lease, allowing you far greater flexibility.

Does not require the unit to be operating to maintain on-board water temperature.

  1. No special permits or licenses are required (or needed) to run the equipment safely. This means you can have any member of your crew run the Steam Machine and do not need to hire a specialized operator.
  2. You can keep the Certek Steam Machine turned off until steam is needed. Old steam boilers need to stay running 24hrs a day. This means they are using fuel and an operator needs to be present.
  3. With no pressure vessel (boiler) the unit itself cost less to manufacture and maintain. As a direct result the Certek Steam Machine costs far less to rent than any other comparable steam system we know of.